Functional Training Area 


Opening Times 12pm to 9pm

Monday to Friday, 10am

to 4pm Saturday & Sunday.

Closed on all Bank Holidays

What is Functional Training?


Functional Training is based around

CORE stability which controls

the position and movement of

the central part of the body.

The basic functional movement

patterns include pushing, pulling,

lifting, squatting, rotating, carrying

& gait patterns.  The training helps

provide strength, stability, power,

mobility, endurance & flexibility

but more importantly helps you


Life is unpredictable and unstable

so why would you develop your

training using stable and predictable

routines and equipment?


No matter what your fitness goal,

treat variety and practical

application as critical

components of your training.

You don't live in a vacuum

so why would you train in one?


If you take some of the greatest

Olympic Athletes, Rugby Players,

Gymnasts, Boxers & Footballers

each and every one of them

have achieved their

goals through incorporating

functional training as part of

their day to day training regime.



We have a wide range of equipment

including a 9m by 2m Astroturf

for Battling Ropes, Weighted

Sled & Gun Ex Elastic Rope

System. Paired Kettlebells,

Hydro Bags, Slosh Balls, Swiss

Balls, Sand Bags & Olympic

Hoop Training System.


Other general equipment includes

Dumbbells, Olympic Weights,

Clute & Hamstring Machine,

Squat Rack, Cable Crossover

System & Functional Machine,

Technogym Treadmills & Concept

2 Rowers etc.