In today's high pressure and high-speed life you need to be mentally and physically strong to strive for and achieve your individual goals.


The training that you undertake at IMPACT THAI BOXING will give you the mental strength, physical fitness and the determination to be the best you can be, inside the ring and in your everyday life.


Most of the students at IMPACT THAI BOXING will never enter the ring to fight but will all be trained technically and physically to be fighters. This means that you will have top quality training at a fully equipped, safe, and full time gym.


You will, through your individually tailored training build all of the characteristics and physical fitness needed to succeed in the hardest fight of all, LIFE!


Many of the fighters at IMPACT THAI BOXING have vast experience and have fought at an international level. In the classes you will train alongside these fighters who will help you advance your skills and ability. You will learn how to punch, kick, knee and elbow to become a proficient fighter and all round athlete.


So whether you want to be the next World Champion, learn self-defence, lose weight, have fun or just get "fit for life". Then take the first step towards a more confident and determined you, contact IMPACT THAI BOXING or visit us during one of our classes.